Thursday, April 14, 2005

Liberty Letters: 'STOP CAFTA' Action Alert

"Since a vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is likely in May, has issued the following call to action to STOP CAFTA!

'It will get done,' said House leader Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) in reference to his plans for a CAFTA vote in May.

On April 6 House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Thomas said his panel would complete hearings on the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) this month, with plans to bring it to a House vote in May.

Meanwhile the Bush administration has been busy buying CAFTA votes from the textile and sugar regions of the nation, telling Hispanic business leaders that they can play a pivotal role in putting CAFTA over the top, and trying to gain Democrat votes by publicizing new vows by the CAFTA nations to strengthen their labor laws and regulations.

However, the outcome is still very much in doubt. As of now, the administration does not have the 218 votes in the House necessary for approval of CAFTA.

We can win this one!

Please help STOP CAFTA by

* Sending copies of the excellent new reprint, CAFTA: Exporting American Jobs & Industry (read reprint; buy reprint) along with an appropriate cover letter to business leaders and other opinion molders in your area.
* Sending online letters opposing CAFTA to your representative and senators.
* Displaying public opposition to CAFTA through letters to the editor, calls to talk shows, billboards, etc.

Visit for other resources and news updates."

For live links to much of the above, hit this link, and then take action: Liberty Letters: 'STOP CAFTA' Action Alert

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