Sunday, April 10, 2005

How American Zionist Think Tanks Are Luring India Into Their Parlor Over Kashmir by Ghulam Muhammed

Bruce Fein, an American Zionist lawyer and ‘international’ consultant with Lichfield group, who was associate deputy attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, in an article published by a Mumbai eveninger, Mid-day, might have released the cat out of the bag, when he writes:

“India squanders 800,000 troops and paramiliatary personnel plus billions in defending the line of control ---”.

The most urgent priority for the expansionist US superpower is to extend its hegemony over weak and indefensible countries around the world, through the use of US military power. This is the sacred blueprint that the American Zionist Neo-con planners have scripted for America’s New Century and their own New World Order.

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