Thursday, December 12, 2013

Michael Rubin Keeps Pushing For 'Regime Change' In Iran

Neocon Michael Rubin has been calling for “regime change” in Iran for many years. In other words, letting people on the other side of the Earth decide their own fate is out of the question. In his eyes, it’s the job of the United States government (using our hard earned money) to install a government for the Iranians.
That the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was in reaction (i.e., blowback) to the U.S. pulling the strings in Iran with its puppet dictator (the Shah) doesn’t seem to make a difference. Rubin won’t let a bunch of clerics throw the U.S. out of their affairs, and let them get away with it; even 30 years later.

If there’s one thing that neocon foreign policy has proven in the Middle East, it’s that every stone that is overturned must have the U.S. seal of approval. Iran has bucked the system, and nothing less than removal of the clerics will satisfy Michael Rubin.

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