Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Let's Give Netanyahu and the Neocons a Mandela Moment | RSN

How far should we push our attack on Netanyahu and the neocons? In an earlier column, I accused the Israeli leader and his supporters of "dealing from the bottom of the deck, consciously stirring up irrational fear of a second Holocaust at the hands of Iran simply to bolster Israel's strategic role as a regional super power." They are still doing exactly that, and I'm even more convinced that "Jews and non-Jews alike should reject this as the cynical ploy it is."
But this is just an analytical starting point. We need to act in a way that makes the point to Congress, grabs Netanyahu's attention, and perhaps saves "the nightmare man" from himself. As the top-notch Israeli journalist Gideon Levy wrote last month in Haaretz, the success of sanctions in persuading Iran to seek a negotiated settlement suggests that similar sanctions "will get Israel to end the occupation" of the West Bank. The first step, he argues, is the movement now building in Europe and the United States to boycott the settlements.

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