Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Then They Came For Jack Hunter. They Can Have Him.

The recent attack on Jack Hunter a.k.a. “The Southern Avenger” radio host follows an all-too-familiar script in Washington. Someone connected to the Republican mainstream is accused of saying something Politically Incorrect. The Left and neoconservative echo chamber repeats the smear and tries to connect the Politically Incorrect statement to as many of its enemies as possible. The offender grovels. He may or may not be able to survive.

Jack Hunter is a leader of the “Liberty Movement” in his capacity as an official blogger for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign and a close aide to Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The younger Paul appointed Hunter as his social media director last year and Hunter coauthored the Senator’s book The Tea Party Goes to Washington . Hunter had previously written columns and had a radio show under the name “The Southern Avenger.”

The neoconservative webzine the Washington Free Beacon ran a hit piece on Hunter entitled Rebel Yell: Rand Paul aide has history of neo-Confederate sympathies, inflammatory statements (by Alana Goodman, July 9, 2013)

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