Thursday, July 11, 2013

Netanyahu aide with neocon links appointed as Israeli ambassador to U.S.

The right-wing political aide Ron Dermer, known to be close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is the new Israeli ambassador to the U.S. And like the current ambassador--Michael Oren--Dermer’s returning to his American perch, albeit without the American citizenship he had to give up in 1995 when he became the economic affairs minister at the Israeli embassy in D.C.

Netanyahu officially announced Tuesday that Dermer would be his next ambassador to the U.S., giving the Florida-born Dermer a turn in the American spotlight. Dermer’s set to take up the post in the fall once Oren leaves. The announcement came months after rumors first swirled about Dermer’s now-confirmed new job. Dermer is Netanyahu’s right-hand man, serving as his speechwriter and senior adviser.

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