Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Evangelical leaders speak out against neocon assault on Rand Paul and Jack Hunter

An unusual mixture of evangelicals and libertarians claims the Hunter exposure was an attempt to discredit Mr. Paul, a freshman Kentucky Republican. They assert that the enmity of the interventionist factions in both the Republican and Democratic parties for Mr. Paul stems in part from his being the only potential 2016 GOP presidential nomination contender so far to condemn the neoconservatives for their readiness to use military force to change foreign governments, particularly those considered a threat to Israel.
“Bill Kristol, through his son-in-law, fired the first salvo in the 2016 presidential primary,” said Pastors & Pews founder David Lane, who organized a two-day meeting of evangelical ministers in Des Moines last week that featured Mr. Paul and fiery Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, considered another potential 2016 GOP nomination candidate despite his recent protestations to the contrary.

“It’s the neoconservatives’ agenda, primarily based on an imperialistic and internationalist foreign policy,” Mr. Lane said. “It doesn’t end with Rand Paul. They’ll go after any traditional conservative that gets in the way of their desire to police the world.”

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