Monday, March 11, 2013

The Neocon Dialectic Laid Bare

Kid Kristol, who championed the fearmongering that led to the endless GWOT ("Global War To End All Evil"), now condemns as "fearmongering" Rand Paul's analysis of the unconstitutional consequences of the Bushobama Imperial Presidency.

Fearmongering by us, good. Fearmongering by you, bad.

This is a classic case of the Trotskyite dialectic that the neocons live by. There is no truth, only power. Kristol openly denies the fundamental Aristotelian law of cause and effect -- metaphysics, reality itself -- and substitutes the will to power: Obama, Kristol's "Born-Again Neocon," would never want to kill Americans here at home, you see, so to allege that he might borders on hysteria.
Right, Bill. Prepare the mental hospitals (and, for the rest of us, re-read Cancer Ward).


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