Saturday, March 30, 2013

Aiding & Abetting The Neocon Nutcases

As disastrous as Obama is, when you compare him to the Neocons, he's actually more restrained. That's not saying much...It's like comparing a D student to an F student so that's as far as the compliment goes.

Naturally, if Obama is not going to light up the entire Earth, the neocons will not be happy.

Their man, Mitt 'I'll attack everyone' Romney, they must wait. And now for the next four years, we're in for countless scribbles on how Obama is weak internationally, how he's gutting the military, how nuclear Israel (that is armed-to-the-teeth) can't defend itself...blah...blah...blah...

The neocons will cherish every vote come 2016...You can feel the determination in the GOP. They're putting out ridiculous reports on how being more welcoming will garner more votes, and how they need to create a database of African-American and Hispanic leaders.
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