Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aiding & Abetting The Neocon Nutcases?

Picture the GOP as a group of gangsters plotting to hit a jewelry store:
  • The guy drawing up the maps is The Chairman. Armed with the pretense of knowledge, he puts together the plans.
  • He is joined by a bunch of impatient nutcases who are constantly pacing the room. They can care less about plans or consequences. They just want to start smashing windows and breaking things -- they're the Neocons.
  • Finally, there are the dopes running for coffee and watching out the window for cops. These are the Liberty Guys. They don't really support what the others are up to, but aspire to one day "take over" the whole operation. The Liberty Guys think that if they were in charge, they'd be able to steer the nutcases away from robbing jewelry stores. Yes, they're definitely dreamers, but they're useful dreamers; so the others keep 'em around. Plus, they also make perfect fall guys for when everything falls apart.
Neocons aren't playing nice for the hell of it....They want to win.

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