Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who Is the Most Obnoxious Neocon? I Vote Robert Kagan

Who do our readers think is the most obnoxious neocon? Kristol the Elder? Kristol the Younger? Pod the Elder? Pod the Lesser? Krauthammer? Someone in the National Review axis? Kagan? Levin? Another? (Suggest me some other names, and I’ll actually make a poll to post.)

And by obnoxious I don’t necessarily mean personally. I mean which one is the most absurdly out there and over the top with their neoconservatism. My vote goes to Robert Kagan, with Levin as a close second.

Kagan is a proud and open advocate of American Imperialism. He reminds me of an Englishman defending the British Empire talking about the white man’s burden. We simply must rule the world for the good of all. Kagan is a cartoon character who lives in a cartoon world. How does this clown have a post in a “mainstream” think thank? He shouldn’t be at the Brookings Institution. He should be at the Marvel Institution. See what I mean:

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