Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Neocon

You believe you are God's gift to the United States of America. If only people "thought" more like you this nation would be in great shape. Your feeble mind parrots the words you've listened to on the radio or TV. You speak of liberty and the principals that made this country great, while supporting candidates whom will ruin those ideas. You feel "awake" and "informed" because some self proclaimed "great American" or conservative "leader" disc jockey told you it was so.

You proudly say you support the troops and even have a very nice yellow ribbon magnet on the back of your car. Yey!! Your sense of patriotism is appreciated. Yet, you fail to realize that it is nothing more than a rouse. You believe that America's way of life is threatened by "scary" Arab men thousands of miles away. Formally C.I.A. assets, those groups serve no other purpose than to scare you into supporting the loss of life and limb of our brothers and sisters. You are willing to give up your freedoms for liberty. You are allowing America to become the "land of the coward home of the slave". You support billions of dollars going towards the killing of thousands of people, including our own, for the sake of an undefined victory.

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