Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama Impreachment Scam Tied To Nethanyahu and Neocons

It is an impeachable offense, not just against Obama but against every member on Congress that calls for war against Iran. But there is a more clever spin to this, the attempt to insert Libya into the mess.

This was another set of political year emails paid for by the Likudist/Neocon/Organized Crime lobby, sent on by morons and malcontents. It tells of imaginary tales of General Dempsey, CJCOS and Defense Secretary Panetta stating that the US is under foreign control.

Now we have something worse, more underhanded, a lie intended to go viral, another case of VT catching the liars in the act. This 2007 video about the impeachment of Bush is misrepresented, edited and sent across the internet:

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