Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lying 'Blackjack' Bill Bennett

Several years ago neocon icon and self-appointed national moral scold Bill Bennett, editor of The Book of Virtues, admitted to squandering his childrens' inheritance by losing some $7 million playing blackjack in Vegas. In addition to being a hypocrite, Bennett is also a liar. Tonight on Sean Hannity's Faux News show he said that Ron Paul believed in "conspiracy theories" about 9/11. He's lying. Ron Paul has been all over the "mainstream" media for the past five years explaining that he thinks 9/11 was a result of typical governmental incompetence. The FAA prohibited airline pilots from carrying firearms, Ron has endlessly pointed out. If they had not done so it is unlikely that 9/11 would ever have occurred. And of course the entire Defense/CIA/FBI establishment failed to even protect their own headquarters. Par for the course for inherently incompetent and bungling government bureaucrats. He has never spun any conspiracy theories and Bill Bennett knows it.

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