Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fact Check: Iran to get Nukes in Months … No evidence, Bachmann is wrong – Neo Cons unite against Paul

There is no doubt that Ron Paul hurt his chances to win the 2012 selection @ last nights FOX Debate in Iowa… By telling the TRUTH.

Voting for the candidate that most wants World War? There are many choices for you then (including Obama)…. Voting for sanity, liberty, and peace? Unfortunately you only have one choice. Ron Paul. – The Tea O Cons have been saying that Iran would have the bomb within months, for years now. Wrong every time, but right now?

And even IF Iran gets nukes, would they commit suicide by using it preemptively? (Haven’t we paid for a ‘Missile Shield’? Does Iran have war satellites to guide missiles to our shores?)

If you believe this propaganda then please tell me why no one has used a nuke since 1945. Answer? Because they would be annihilated. Oh… but Iran is craaaaazy, you know, like Ron Paul…. Like Kim Jong Il …right? That’s the excuse for attacking Iran. It makes no sense and provides no proof.

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