Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama Is the New Neocon Idol

A pagan one, of course. But V.D. Hanson — perhaps a classicist, but certainly no ethicist — cheers Obama for putting all those moralistic "liberals" in their place:

"Antiwar protestors demonstrate in response to American soldiers getting killed, but rarely about robotic aircraft quietly obliterating distant terrorists. American fatalities can make war unpopular; a crashed drone is a "who cares?" statistic."

But wait — does Hanson's conscience still have a faint pulse?

"Still, there are lots of questions that arise from this latest American advantage. Waterboarding, which once sparked liberal furor, is now a dead issue. How can anyone object to harshly interrogating a few known terrorists when routinely blowing apart more that 2,000 suspected ones — and anyone in their vicinity?"

Now that Eric Holder has deflected attention from his possible perjury with an allegation of Iranian terrorism, it might be time to revisit Paul Craig Roberts's 2009 warning about "Guns and Butter": Maybe Obama sees that as his only redemption (pagan, again) in 2012.

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