Saturday, October 08, 2011

Barack Obama: Peace President or closet Neocon?

­Many people criticized the decision by the Nobel Committee, arguing it was too early to give Obama prestigious honors that he had had no time to implement. After all, the decision to elect Barack Obama for the 2009 award was made just 12 days after he entered the White House. This was putting tremendous faith in one man, whose only accomplishment up to that time was getting elected. Now, with the Nobel Committee set to announce this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, some are saying the prestigious prize has been discredited.

President Barack Obama is about to begin a bitter battle for another four years in the White House. Thus, it is worth asking how he has fared in introducing peace around the globe. After all, thousands of US troops are still on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, while the American president’s “iron-clad” promise – to close Guantanamo Bay – remains unfulfilled. Some analysts fear that the nearly 200 detainees of Guantanamo will be rushed through military tribunals just so the Cuban-based complex, which has been dubbed the “Gulag of our times by Amnesty International,” can be shuttered before next year’s campaign season kicks off.

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