Friday, June 17, 2011

Not One of Us - The Fall of Neoconservatism

The 2008 Presidential election may have been the last hurrah of the neoconservatives. The field in 2008 was replete with politicians parroting the neoconservative lines from the previous decade (save one) including top neoconservative leaders at the helms of their campaigns or holding top advisory positions. Conda for instance, was Mitt Romney’s economic policy advisor during his 2008 Presidential bid.

This aforementioned example of neoconservative angst is proof that even the neoconservatives themselves are starting to recognize that their ideas and influence are in decline.

The strength of the neoconservative movement was its ability to create the illusion that its philosophy - if it can be called that - was mainstream, rather than extremist; but that’s all it ever was, an illusion. Politicians bought in and were happy to repeat the baseless assertions of Kristol, et al. as long as it looked like they could get away with this. However, politicians, like their cousins the prostitutes, are fickle.

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