Friday, June 10, 2011

Keane Keen on Attacking Iran

Keane, now a member of Fordham's Board of Trustees, has been the go-to general for the neoconservatives in recent years. He indicated that he was about to catch a flight to Europe where he would lobby leaders of the 41 NATO countries who, except for three, have been "unwilling to ask their people to sacrifice" in places like Afghanistan. (It seems never to have crossed his mind that most Europeans have long since concluded that the war in Afghanistan - aka Vietnamistan - is a fool's errand, and that they are less susceptible to misleading rhetoric about the so-called War on Terror.)

Proceeding from general to specific, Keane mentioned that he had asked top UK military leaders at Sandhurst why even the British seem to be going wobbly on Afghanistan. He said that over cocktails British generals commiserated with Keane, asking him sheepishly, "Have you Americans lost confidence in us?"

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