Thursday, June 02, 2011

Barack Obama: A Neocon in sheep’s clothing

Ok, so you are still unconvinced that Barack Obama has not only continued Bush-era policy, but actually intensified it? Are you still unconvinced that Barack Obama is just another neocon in sheep's clothing? Well, in addition to recently continuing with Bush tax cuts for the rich, at a time when the US is facing the deepest deficit in its history, Obama also snuck through an extension of the Patriot Act minutes before it was set to expire.

The Patriot Act is a delightful piece of Bush legislation that was passed under our noses while America was in a code-red panic following the events of 9/11. It empowers US security agencies to implement wiretaps, determine what library books we are checking out, as well as conduct extensive searches. But that is only the tip of the iceberg concerning its powers, since there has never been a real democratic debate on this autocratic piece of legislation.

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