Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Secret international neocon conspiracy set to launch April 18

Here’s the open paragraphs of the latest Canadian Press report on Sun TV, as carried by the Winnipeg Free Press and others:

MONTREAL – Sun TV’s brand of right-wing television news is set to launch April 18, the Quebecor parent company has confirmed.

“Its international content will be purchased under contract with CNN, not Fox.”

So Fox TV north, Sun TV’s brand of right-wing television news, will be getting its world coverage not from the right-wing Fox TV but from the good old, unbiased, Larry King network? Wolf Blitzer is front man for Canada’s entry in the great international right-wing conspiracy?

Isn’t this Sun TV hysteria getting a little difficult to support? You can’t even be sure of getting the channel unless your cable company decides to offer it. What kind of secret neocon brainwashing operation is that?

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