Friday, March 18, 2011

Neocons Want War with Libya

It ought not to be surprising that the neocon community, who only just sent a memo to the President three weeks ago calling for a no-fly zone over Libya, are now escalating the bid to call for a regime change in Libya. Again, from the FPI:

On Saturday, the Arab League endorsed Libyan opposition calls for a no fly zone. We call on you to urgently institute a no fly zone over key Libyan cities and towns in conjunction with U.S. allies. We also call on you to explore the option of targeted strikes against regime assets in an effort to prevent further bloodshed. The United States should also immediately recognize the Libyan National Transitional Council and take all necessary actions to support their efforts to unseat the Qaddafi regime.

As Tom Ricks points out, yes, in fact the cheerleaders for the preventive invasion of Iraq and eternal presence in Afghanistan are now asking for your support to go to war against Libya. And not that there's any significant national security interests in Libya, we're supposed to go to war because of the Libyan people's cries for freedom. It's all about exporting the moral imperatives of democracy and freedom, moving the American culture by any means possible into other countries. I'm sure that they think it won't cost more than a few billion and will only last less than a few months, tops. Just like it did in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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