Thursday, March 24, 2011

David Horowitz: I'm Not A Neoconservative

David Horowitz came to conservatism after rejecting one utopian ideology. He now writes that he is jettisoning another:

But whatever I wrote about the war in support of the democracy agenda, inside I was never a 100% believer in the idea that democracy could be so easily implanted in so hostile a soil. I wanted to see Saddam toppled and a non-terrorist supporting government in its place. I would have settled for that and a large U.S.military base as well. But I allowed myself to get swept up in the Bush-led enthusiasm for a democratic revolution in the Middle East. I remained on board until the Beirut spring began to wither and got off when election results in Gaza came in and put a Nazi party into power. That spelled the end of my neo-conservative illusions.

But that was in 2006, and it was the Bush administration that pushed for Hamas to be included in the elections. Why are we only hearing about this now?

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