Sunday, February 27, 2011

Richard Perle U.S. neo-con former Bush official PR flack for Gadaffi

Among those signing on for the task were the prominent neo-con Richard Perle a member of many conservative think tanks and a former BushBush official. Perle traveled to Libya twice in 2006 as a paid adviser of a Boston-based consulting firm, the Monitor Group .After he returned he met with Vice President CheneyVice President Cheney.

Laura Rozen of Politico notes that the firm named Perle a senior adviser in 2006. The purpose of Perle's travel to Libya was outlined in a series of documents released by the National Conference of the Libyan Opposiition in 2009. The travel along with other prominent thinkers and officials was to polish up Gaddafi's tarnished image. Another prominent thinker recruited was Francis Fukuyama.

The Monitor group said it charged Libya 250,000 a month for the project (3 million per year) plus expenses that were not to exceed $2.5 million. This is according to a 2006 memo sent to its client. Rebranding a tarnished leader is not cheap.

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