Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt: Down Is Suddenly Up for the Neocons

In order to understand the neocons, we need constantly to bear in mind three of their fundamental principles:

1. The dialectic. We can contradict today what we fervently asserted yesterday, without penalty, because we are superior to those from whom we demand consistency.

2. Amnesia. The masses will soon forget what we advocated yesterday, so we can freely oppose it today.

3. We ALWAYS blame somebody else for the consequences of our own policies, actions, and falsehoods.

With these “principles” (see what I mean?) in mind, it is easy to assess the neocon screaming that the “democracy” they pretended to advocate yesteryear is suddenly dangerous because, omigosh, the people demanding an end to US-supported tyrannies are so backward that they need our abiding guidance — directed through our taxpayer-funded, corrupt stooges, of course. All tyrants are equal, but some tyrants are more equal than others.

With all this in mind, isn’t it fun to watch them blame “Obama” for supporting the Egyptian opposition to Mubarak? Lest you scratch your head and begin remembering the Democracy Bomber Bush, you must be distracted into a ditch of petty politics.

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