Sunday, February 13, 2011

George W. Bush. The Liberator of Egypt

The spin campaign to resuscitate the reputation of George W. Bush has begun. The usual Neocon suspects, such as Elliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer, and Reuel Marc Gerecht are writing op-ed pieces arguing that the Egyptian revolution of 2011 all began with George W. Bush’s “Freedom Agenda.” Krauthammer penned the following:

Men like Krauthammer and Abrams when they are in full propaganda mode do not stint. Bush is being compared to Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill in his steadfast devotion to democracy for everyone and his appreciation of the subtle fact that democracy is much more than fair elections every few years. It is freedom of the press, healthy opposition parties, and respect for the law. If you are going to drag up George Bush’s reputation from the stygian depths in which it now resides – so low that he reportedly has canceled a trip to Switzerland for fear he would be arrested for war crimes – than you might as well go for the long shot. Turn him into a Churchillian visionary. Lavishly quote the speeches you wrote for him because, obviously, they are every bit as eloquent and stirring as anything Churchill wrote.

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