Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thomas Jefferson is Rolling Over in His Grave by Kurt Nimmo

Of course, these are simply high profile pretexts, as the Straussian neocons fully intend to go after all enemies, that is to say anybody who criticizes their draconian and fascistic policies.

Since the neocon éminence grise is the ghost of Leo Strauss, who was influenced and mentored by the Nazi jurist and theoretician of dictatorship, Carl Schmitt, none of this should be particularly surprising. For Schmitt, and thus Strauss and eventually the Straussians, “the key to successful prosecution of warfare against such a foe is demonization. The enemy must be seen as absolute. He must be stripped of all legal rights of whatever nature. The Executive must be free to use whatever tools he can find to fight and vanquish this foe,” as Barbara Boyd notes. For Schmitt, the ruler, “not the Constitution, is the sovereign. The most guidance a Constitution can provide is the stipulation of who can act in such a situation.”

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