Sunday, March 19, 2006

Horowitz Neocons Push False Left-Right Paradigm by Kurt Nimmo

As an example of how muddy the political waters are these days, consider Ben Johnson, managing editor of David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine, writing Paul Craig Roberts off as a conspiracy-mongering UFO-chaser because Roberts stated the obvious—the United States will eventually attack Iran as it attacked Iraq. “The Roberts-Raimondo-Rockwell wing of conservatism has become the nexus where extremist fantasies of Left and Right converge into a toxic mixture of venomous lunacy,” writes Johnson. “The ‘Old Right-New Left Alliance’ dates back to Murray Rothbard’s protests in the Vietnam era but revived during the rise of Pat Buchanan-style protectionism and isolationism; 9/11 has given it a new vibrancy altogether.” In fact, Raimondo and Rockwell are Libertarians and Roberts and Buchanan are paleoconservatives, that is to say real conservatives, not Trotskyite Straussian neocons, as we can only assume Johnson is as the managing editor of an avowed neocon online magazine.

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