Monday, March 20, 2006

Are You About To Nuke Iran? by Ingmar Lee

The ramp-up rhetoric to an Iran attack now issuing from the White House is reaching an all too familiar fever pitch. Can anybody doubt that BushCo. is preparing to attack Iran? From what we've heard before, the White House Neocon cabal is telling us very clearly that they have planned, and are about to execute an attack on Iran any day now. We've all heard this same rhetoric before, which culminated in the unilateral 2003 attack, invasion, victory declaration, subsequent occupation and ongoing torture and masssacre, and now spiralling descent into the morass of the BushCo forces in Iraq. The history of BushCo. tells us that, having lost its case for multilateral action at the UN Security Council, the USA will proceed, once again without UN sanction, to attack. This attack may well include a nuclear component for which they have been preparing. Two weeks ago, British and American physicists detonated a brand new kind of nuclear blast, "Operation Krakatoa" in Nevada.

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