Friday, February 03, 2006

Zionist Ideologue: 'Hamas Victory Leaves Me Neutral'

V-News Reader: The following essay by arch-Zionist ideologue Daniel Pipes underlines the contention made in a series of articles posted here at V-News that shows the "official" Israeli "shock" at the Hamas victory in Palestine is an obfuscation. In fact, Israel and its "Amen Corner" are delighted at the results, which they are using to excuse Israeli crimes while setting back international sympathy with the plight of the Palestinian people. They also get to jump aboard the "war on terror" bandwagon, pointing to backward, Medievalist Islamists on their very doorstep, when in fact it is mainly Israel -- along with US support for the bandit state -- that has fuelled Islamism and destabilized the Middle East. Pipes is also careful to attempt to shoehorn Israel into a position as "part of the West" when in fact Jews in all White nations have worked non-stop to encourage mass non-White immigration into Western lands. Pro-White groups swallow the hooked Zionist line at their peril.

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