Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Iran Attack - Turning America Into A Straussian Totalitarian State by Kurt Nimmo

It is, of course, far too late to stop the Straussian neocon Iran attack. However, as negative as it may sound, we can take a bit of solace in the possibility that the United States will bite off more than it can chew. If the entire Middle East rises up in response to the unprovoked attack upon Iran-and, more ominous, Russia and China support the Muslim enemies of the perfidious Straussian neocons-there is a distinct chance the Straussian project will collapse and fail. However, the specter of nuclear war remains, as the fascistic Straussian neocons will certainly not go down without a fight-or without killing millions of innocent people. Before this happens, hopefully sanity will rule at the Pentagon and officers less concerned with their careers than the fate of mankind will step up and depose the Straussian neocons.

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