Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Neocon Philosophy and Espionage

Leo Strauss, the neocons' "Philosopher," taught that deception is a virtue. The neocons' "godfather," Irving Kristol, reports that Strauss had the "greatest impact" on his conservative thinking. Strauss believed there was "inherent conflict between philosophic truth and the political order." Consequently the "great philosphers prior to the Age of Reason ... took the greatest care in their writing so as not, as the British would say, to 'frighten the horses.'" (Neoconservatism, p. 8) And so, neocons hide the truth from "the horses" and feel entirely justified in their deceptions. The WMD deception is a case in point.

Stephen Bryen—Espionage: (synopsis of full story) In 1979, apparently showed secret documents to Rafiah, of Mossad (Israeli CIA). He denied having accessed the documents but refused to be polygraphed, and his finger prints were found on them. Appointed in 1981 to DOD by Richard Perle , he received Top Secret ("NATO/COSMIC”) clearance. In 1988, Bryen arranged for state-of-the-art klystrons to be released for export to Israel against the wishes of DOD. In 2001, with the support of Paul Wolfowitz , Bryen was appointed a member of the China Commission (in part concerned with Israel's transfer of advanced technology to China).

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