Thursday, March 24, 2005

What Will Follow the IRI Regime in Iran? Mark Dankof's Thoughts for The Iranian

BATR and Neo-Con Watch correspondent Mark Dankof offered thoughts over a year ago in January of 2004 on the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) regime, printed in The Iranian. Observing that the tyrannical reign of the Mullahs could be brought to an end by millions of young people in Iran tired of fundamentalist theocracy (those born after the Pahlavi years and the 1978 revolution), Dankof's remarks 14 months ago underscore the disastrous blowback risks inherent in an American-Israeli military preemption of Iran--and the problematic character of the alliance between Sharon's Zionist agents and many anti-IRI Iranian activists. These remarks are worth further review as the Bush Neo-Cons and Sharon Likudniks embark on a game of Byzantine brinksmanship and intrigue with the government of Iran that could result in regional and global war in the next year.

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