Friday, March 11, 2005

Blessings in Disguise by Karen Kwiatkowski

Of course, to rational people, rewarding neoconservative policy failures and ideological idiocy seems unthinkable – mistakes and violation of the Constitution and other laws should be punished, the low and lying performers fired. But rational people miss the wondrous point of the Bush presidency.

It begins in the mind of poor George Walker Bush, and his life up to and including Texas governor. A morally impoverished Connecticut born and educated "Texan" with political bloodlines but no commitment to true conservatism, simmering with resentment of his Poppy and burning with embarrassment for one too many business failures, Dubya was a dream come true for neoconservatism – a populist born-again Christian with instant political name recognition, and yet as intellectually and morally hollow as a dry well.

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