Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bring our troops back home by Kevin Alfred Strom

Even by the neocon's own standards -- which essentially amount to whatever is good for Israel is good, whatever is bad for Israel is bad -- the invasion and occupation of Iraq has not been an unqualified success. The Iraqi resistance continues as strong as ever. The credibility of the neocon war hawks, virtually all of them Jews, and their nonexistent WMD excuse for war, has plummeted to near zero among the educated and well-informed. The election in Iraq gave the largest share of power to the Shiite majority which looks with favor on powerful Iran, certainly no friend of Israel. Iran and its allies in Iraq also constitute a powerful opponent of the Jewish scheme to set up controlled media in that region to destroy the culture and the youth there, and control their elections -- just as they've done in America and most other Western nations.

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