Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bushehr by Bahman Nassiri for Spyweb

Tired of reading the CFR and Trilateral Commission line on Iran?
Want to know what really happened to the Pahlavi dynasty in 1978-80 and who was ultimately behind it? Want to know what is really up the sleeve of those who are preparing fireworks for Bushehr in Iran either just before or after the American election?

Enter the fascinating, informative, and terrifying world of Bahman Nassiri at Spyweb to find out.

Mark Dankof's America

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Anonymous said...

Bahman Nassiri's story predicts an Israeli/U.S. military attack on Iran's nuclear sites by March 15th 2005. This comes from a man with 32nd degree in Freemasonry. Let's wait and see what happens.
His satellite T.V. interviews in Farsi language give a clear message : that the U.S. conquests over Afghanistan and Iraq were the first and second steps of the Empire-building process, and the third step is to eat the big juicy fillet steak, that is IRAN.

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