Sunday, March 08, 2015

Obama's Neocon Infested Administration

Obama's legacy won't please him when independently written. He entered office promising "hope and change." 

He delivered demagogic Big Lies, permanent wars on humanity, police state repression, and outlandish corporate favoritism at the expense of beneficial social change.

He appointed a rogue's gallery of scoundrels to top administration posts. John Kerry and Hillary Clinton are unindicted war criminals.

They're arguably America's most venal ever Secretaries of State. Their rap sheets fill volumes. They're neocon extremists masquerading as democrats.

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motamanx said...

"Kerry and Clinton...arguably America's most venal ever Secretaries of State. "

Nonsense. John Foster Dulles has that moniker. Remember VietNam? He's the one. Kissinger, too. For the same reason.

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