Monday, March 16, 2015

Return of a neocon nightmare: Tom Cotton, Rush Limbaugh & the worst deja vu ever

But there’s another group of Republicans getting back in the saddle and supporting Tom Cotton and company, the Neocons.  (I wrote about them here.) But none are as notorious as former Bush pentagon official Douglas Feith, known far and wide by General Tommy Franks’ famous quote that he is the “dumbest f**king guy on the planet.” From Abu Ghraib to the poor post-war planning to the stovepiped intelligence and everything else, Feith’s fingerprints can be found on each detail of the disaster that was the Iraq war. And yet the Wall Street Journal doesn’t see any of that as an impediment to publishing his “critiques” of the Obama foreign policy as if he actually maintains some credibility. For instance, his latest on the Iran negotiations from just this week:

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