Thursday, August 22, 2013

The neoconservative split over Egypt

Remember the neocons? They were the powerful and controversial group of thinkers who argued that the promotion of democracy in the Middle East was the key to winning the “war on terror”. The influence of the neocons peaked during the Bush administration, when they became vocal advocates for the invasion of Iraq.
Many of the critics of the neocons always argued that all this talk of “democracy” was simply a hypocritical mask for the promotion of US or Israeli interests. So I was interested to see how leading neocon thinkers have reacted to the coup in Egypt and the assault on the Muslim Brotherhood. Have they kept the democratic faith, or have they gone along with the military?
The answer seems to be that leading neocon thinkers have gone in different directions. Robert Kagan, author of “Of Paradise and Power”, is outraged by the coup. He is co-chair of a think-tank working group on Egypt that has issued a statement demanding that the US cut off aid to the Egyptian military. The statement reads, in part:

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