Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Neocon — What does it mean?

It's official.  "Neocon" is now used by people who have no idea what the word means. Somebody who considers himself a libertarian just called me a "neocon" because I questioned Bradley Manning's motives.  Some of the sillier people among libertarians and liberals basically consider anybody who disagrees with them a neocon. If you show any respect for morality, religion, patriotism, or anything that can be considered traditional, these jokers will call you "neocon," which is pretty laughable, considering that neocons have zero respect for tradition and are themselves just a branch of Trotskyism. They themselves are liberals, albeit tricky ones, more deceitful than usual.  Well, if you encounter such types, just give them this URL and tell them to look at the picture.


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