Monday, May 13, 2013

Time to tell US diplomats who is boss here

The content of the recent speech by the US ambassador to Sri Lanka Michele J Sison to the Foreign Journalists’ Association in Colombo on the “next steps” for US engagement with Sri Lanka is typical of the forceful and uncivilised approach to diplomacy being practiced by US state department officials whose career rise roughly coincides with the neocon capture of the US government and the Armed Forces.

Some US diplomats in this category who have got promoted to ambassadorial postings are typified by a level of arrogance that borders on stupidity due to the brainwashing they have undergone at the hands of neocon-run diplomacy schools and neocon mentors within the state department - they have been brought up on a world view that the US is ‘the’ rightful, unrivalled emperor of the world, and those who represent that power should ‘manage’ world events like the viceroys of the preceding empire. So they come and present the world with a caricature of the fabled “Ugly American”.

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