Thursday, May 09, 2013

Neocon Champ Senator Marco Rubio on Immigration

After winning his Senate seat in 2010 Senator Marco Rubio did not even thank the Tea Party organization for his victory during his acceptance speech. In fact, when asked questions about the Tea Party Senator Rubio tries to distance himself from the Tea Party. Senator Rubio this February said that he backs Carl Rove’s Conservative Victory Project PAC as something worthwhile in order to get more mainstream Republicans elected in districts that a Tea Party candidate would lose during a general election. Why would a person reject the group of people most responsible for their senate victory?

A Self-centered man like Senator Rubio with his eyes on a much larger role for himself in American politics must think of himself as a visionary. Perhaps the presidency is on Senator Rubio’s mind and this requires much more than small government conservatives like those in the Tea Party. Senator Rubio must become a Republican Establishment man and this means that he must be many things to many different people.

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