Monday, February 18, 2013

Which will prevail– latest neocon charge on Hagel over Israel, or D.C.’s fatigue over delay?

The delaying of Chuck Hagel's confirmation in the Senate last Thursday gave neoconservatives an opportunity to dig up further evidence against him, we were told; and in the hours after that filibuster a new claim has emerged against him: that during a Q&A after a 2007 speech he described the State Department as an "adjunct" of the Israeli government. (Something less than what Saturday Night Live said of the US Senate...)

Will the latest charge be enough to sink Hagel? Or will the merits of the alleged statement be debated seriously, at a time when the United States can't lift its finger against the Israeli settlements? I say No to both questions. Everyone is now so sick of the entire Hagel charade and so wants it to be done with, that the latest allegation will bounce aside. I doubt that Democrats will take this on; they will be satisfied by Chuck Hagel's Jan. 15 assurances to Chuck Schumer that he is on Israel's side forever.

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