Monday, October 29, 2012

Iran War on the Ballot

However, the prospects for peace could head off in a very different direction if Romney wins. His neocon advisers are considered likely to hijack the Iran sanctions and use them to force “regime change” in Tehran, rather than for their current narrow purpose of compelling Iran to negotiate seriously on limiting its nuclear program.

By effectively shifting the application of the sanctions from nuclear negotiations to regime change, the neocons could put Iran and the United States on course for another war in the Middle East, much as the neocons did in steadily ratcheting up tensions with Iraq in 2002-2003 until a peaceful resolution became impossible.

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Unknown said...

I am a patriot and love America. It is a fact that America and Israel have been fighting a covert war against the United States including Cyber-warfare and Assassinations against the Iranian Nuclear Scientists. These are facts on CNN.

If you are interested in other activities that our country is "allegedly" involved in as we prepare for an attack on Iran, Read my blog, let me know your reaction.

I love this country and support the fact we are going to war with Iran, however, if you read my blog you will understand how serious this war is and the tactics are like never before.

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