Monday, June 11, 2012

War on Iran, a matter of time?

The invasion of Iraq was prepared early in the 1970es by Neocon or New conservatives or Hawks in the US. It was a matter of creating pretexts here or there to carry out this plan. Upon attacking Iraq and occupying it we started to hear about plans to attack Syria and Iran. Later, we heard of new Middle East plans marketed by ex American Foreign secretary Condoleezza Rice. The plans failed as the war on Lebanon in 2006 failed to break the alliances in the region.

The attempts to create new Middle East remain but with slights changes on the planes. This comes from the fact that Arab spring is creating new facts on the grounds. Followers of the Media these days can easily expect a war on Iran. Many Israeli spokespersons and leaders declare that war on Iran is imminent. Americans also started to replicate these statements. One could expect a war on Iran very soon based on a number of reasons based on regional changes.

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