Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Neocon Politics And Arizona’s Immigration Game

So, all the time that the neocons were in power, Arizona stood quietly by – ignoring BIG BUSINESS’s cheap labor pool. The U.S. Immigration Service could just get a giant truck/bus – drive up to a BIG BUSINESS facility and find loads of waiting passengers. Imagine that!

So, why did Arizona wait almost twenty-some-odd years to expose how Arizona has dealt with its illegal immigration problem? Well… why did the neocons wait until the Obama Administration before acknowledging the crashed American economy? You can’t make neocons talk about their political performance. The buck has never reached a neocon’s desk.

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Anonymous said...

I like the short comment on neocon immunity,and although it rang true to me;it seems a little more information would be in order.
Do you mean to say that Arizona has or had a lower illegal:legal worker ratio than the rest of the country? Per capita? I would like to see those numbers. I admire Arizona for exercising states rights, but sometimes they go a little too far. After all; Arizona is like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke...Actually; they are the proverbial finger while illegals flow in around them on all sides. If the people we have entrusted to serve our better interests as taxpaying american citizens, were actually serious about immigration; This place would be plugged up tighter than a drum. The reality is: Unchecked immigration is part of a greater plan to destroy the middle class and devalue labour around the world.The rich get richer and more powerful.

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