Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rumsfeld involved in Rick Perry meeting with neocon advisers

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is helping Rick Perry with his 2012 White House bid by helping provide foreign policy briefers. The Polotico reports that Rumsfeld former aides Doug Feith, Daniel Fata, and William Luti were in Austin last week for a tutorial with Perry on national security issues. The session was yet another indication that Perry is edging toward a presidential run. The session with the neocon advisers might raise eyebrows even in some Republican quarters because of a feeling the neocons around George W. Bush helped steer the country into war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ben Smith of The Politico says that while Perry's camp has been "tight-lipped" about the sessions, Rumsfeld helped organize it. A Rumsfeld spokesman confirmed the meetings but said the former defense secretary and Perry have not met recently - and that Rumsfeld is watching the developing presidential contest with interest.

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