Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ron Paul calls for a crash, Mitt Romney disappears, Rick Perry combs his hair

We are witnessing the brand destruction of the Tea Party House members that will probably bring back Speaker Pelosi, turn Ron Paul into a virtual political crank and occasion the complete disappearance of Mitt Romney (who has zero to say about the great issue that threatens a crash) and the lightweight maneuvering of Rick Perry, the latest neocon hope of a desperate GOP.

Now Rick Perry is meeting with one of the neocons in chief, Douglas Feith. Will we soon have bombs-away Perry, looking for wars to fight? Does Rick Perry think the voters demand another neocon from Texas? Will Perry campaign as the candidate who acts like the great actor Slim Pickens in the great film "Dr. Strangelove," who near the end of the film sat atop a nuclear bomb, waving his hat as he rode the bomb down to end the world?

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