Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Neoconservative Philosophy

Although it had been in circulation for decades, it was only during the tenure of our last President that the term “neoconservatism” really gained traction. It is a funny thing, this word, for while it was a Jewish intellectual, Irving Kristol, who first coined it, those to whom it was ascribed would alternately embrace it or, which was more frequently the case, eschew it as “anti-Semitic.”

Whether “anti-Semitism” is or ever was a meaningful concept is a matter with which we needn’t concern ourselves. What we know is that it is commonly equated with anti-Jewish animus. The point I wish to make here is that not only is it illegitimate to view the word “neoconservatism” as the function of this sort of animus, but it is wrong to think that it is a pejorative term of any sort.

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irwin said...

Irv Kristol 's hero - Leon Bronstein , aka "Trotsky".

American conservatism was last seen in circa 1979, riding in a car with a couple of “conservative” Jews. Relatives of this movement suspect “something fishy” has happened, but of course they’re not sure exactly what. If you’ve seen the Conservative Movement, call…somebody :)

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