Sunday, December 26, 2010

What Do Neocons Have Against Iranian Women Filmmakers?

This is typical of neoconservative aggression against Iran: It’s intellectually dishonest, utterly lacking in empathy, short-sighted, sloppy and hypocritical.

Perhaps on his way to hiking in the West Bank, or whatever he does for vacation, young neoconservative upstart cum Israel government PR adviser cum Israel lobbyist cum partisan political operative Noah Pollak was in the Athens airport, where he snapped this picture of an advertisement for the bank HSBC:

Along with this picture, Pollak tweeted:

I saw this HSBC ad today at the Athens airport. It says that Iran treats women better than US. Truly outrageous.
Actually, that’s not what the ad says (intellectually dishonest). It says that 25 percent of Iranian films are made by women, whereas four percent of American films are made by women. Do those statistics surprise you? Well, that’s the point, not some overarching statement about whether women are treated better in the United States or Iran. That much is clear from the full ad.

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